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A dream once made in America is now?

Once made in America

It began with Henry Ford’s Model T where each man became just a cog on the line.

Guided by Frederick Taylor’s unholy scientific management
it would end with demonizing the blue collar workers and their unions.

Replacing the skilled craftsman with dumbed down positions,
owners could maximize output and minimize labor costs.

Then the insatiable profiteers went abroad seeking even cheaper labor sources.

Presidents Johnson, Reagan, Bushes sent troops abroad to put down the national rebellions that threatened the dream of Midas.

Clinton’s rapacious NAFTA policy (saluted by the uber-nationalist Chamber of Commerce)
legitimized exploiting foreign workers.

Wal*Mart drove the final spike into labor’s coffin demanding products priced at slave labor wages.

Consumers-spending and Wall Street speculations defined the so-called new economy a third-world-ish America
of haves and have nots.

The race to the bottom has been won…
at the expense of our jobs, wages, health care, pensions while clandestine billionaires and their CEOs bank the results.

A dream once made in America is now crafted in India and China
… becoming a nightmare for the rest of us.

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