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Fun Shots

The Game Controller


Lindsay’s Nerd series–the game controller I don’t know why this image caught my eye, but I like it a lot and it’s given me a lot of laughs. This images shows Martin Kimeldorf’s total personalty. He’s fun to hang around, and he’s one of those who knows how to get plenty of enjoyment out of […]


Cupcake Shoot


The Bonjour Cupcake shoot evolved out of the studies of a local lighting study group in Olympia, Washington. We did a test shoot with one light pattern and then returned 2 weeks later to shoot with local models and customers. It was a lot of fun, and because the cupcakes cannot be re-used it proved […]


Shaniac Love


Shane, why do you wear those yellow-tinted lens? I need a little warmth in this cold, gray Pacific Northwest… Mart, what do you say I take those brass chimes after we replace your doorbell. Yeah. I’ll miss those rich brash tones, the digital are too tinny. But you’ll lose it on your junk farm. I […]


Steichen’s Pictorialist Train Ride


I just finished 700 incredible pages about Edward Steichen by Penelope Niven. In the early days Steichen and Steiglitz championed the artful nature of photography. Later Steichen would go in other directions with his incredible work at Vogue and later the world renown Family of Man Exhibit. His early work was black and white, contrasty […]


The Allure of the Automobile


What struck me about this image is the philosophical and technological underpinnings. Here is a car image shot with a small phone. This custom car from the 1930s belonged to the super rich. Now I view it as art in a Portland museum. The backdrop comes from NASA images captured by cameras in outer space. […]


Pursue your art no matter what!? / GreenScreen


What, I missed the rapture? Apocalyptic thinking is embedded in our culture. In this series I wanted to jest a bit with the apocalypse and this lead to a few other ironic-comedic shots along the. I call this series the Apocalyptic Prom Queens. I used my green screen Photoshop actions and backgrounds came from either […]


Studying New Software


While hanging low these last few weeks, I’ve been studying new software. Here I use Fluid Mask to cut sharon out of a previous image and plant here in this more ethereal palace. Collaborated with my brother…he contributed image, I did the composition in post with my images… If you combine my brother Howard with […]


1950’s Fashions


The fashion industry returned after world war2, given a big thanks to Christian Dior and Burberry. Christian Dior truly covered 50’s women’s fashions after the war and Burberry participated trench coat fashion after the war as well. What do you think average people wore at that time? I found one of the Martin Kimeldorf wardrobe […]


Fun Shots


The Thinker Ponders His Escape Via th Phone Booth Auguste Rodin, eat your heart out…er I mean, where did you ever get that idea for The Thinker statue? Here is my urban-hillbilly update…shot at Shane’s place. Ah, the RV life with tubs Don’t worry folks he doesn’t live in the RV, but he does use […]