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A dream once made in America is now?

Once Made In America

Once made in America It began with Henry Ford’s Model T where each man became just a cog on the line. Guided by Frederick Taylor’s unholy scientific management it would end with demonizing the blue collar workers and their unions. Replacing the skilled craftsman with dumbed down positions, owners could maximize output and minimize labor […]


Mr. Tambourine Man On The Midnight Beach


I’m sitting in the cafe at high noon drinking chocolate martinis on the first day of school with a handful of retired teachers. We watch the yellow buses come and go… We rode them a long, long time. In college we studied how to drive the yellow bus We hoped our classrooms would become like […]


Just Staples


My dad was a scientist and hoarder. He loved keeping things forever in neat little boxes and cubbyholes. When he died I inherited several hundred containers of office, lab, and hardware supplies. Not knowing what to do with the slides, sutures, funny grabby things, holders, dyes, etc, I donated the science supplies to a local […]


American Labor


Who could have seen it coming? In the Middle East awoke from a long, dark feudal slumber and began throwing out the tyrants. They’re all kinds to be sure, but mostly they wanted a more just society. Only time will tell if their rebellion degenerates into Islamic fundamentalism or finds a new way to a […]


Winter Of Our Deconstruction


The Deconstruction Unemployment Blues (based on an old folk song) Where have all the good jobs gone….? Gone abroad every one long time passing long time ago… Gone to a foreign land forsaking communities every one… long time passing long time ago… What have the owners done Plunder and Profit by the greedy ones long […]