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The new booklet is finally up on the net at one of Martin Kimeldorf favorite book stores, online.

Once you loosen up before the lens, you’ll never again take a bland or repetitive image. When you learn how to apply improvisational acting technique, you’ll sail beyond the standard or clichéd poses. The richly illustrated booklet walks you quickly through the steps.

These methods will expand your creative range whether you are a photographer, model, or everyday “poser”. Those behind the lens can use this method to quickly build a chemistry that leads to expressive and unique images.

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There are five steps in this posing guide. First, you’ll collect favorite poses & images found in the media. Then, you’ll analyze how the poses were done so you can try them out. At this stage, you are not worrying if the pose fits you-rather you are trying to expand in your mind the vocabulary of possible “looks.”

After settling on a few favorites, you may choose to refine how you hold your hands, feet, shoulders, or hips. You’ll also give some thought to how you present your facial features, your mouth and eyes. For the adventuresome, the fourth step guides you in developing your own creative poses.

Lastly, you consider how you might prepare for a serious photo shoot by thinking ahead to clothing, grooming, and the possibility of using props. You need not follow every step because you’ll notice right away that just following the first few steps will bring you great results.

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Give your photography a unique and dramatic edge by using green screen magic. This is the first book of it’s kind revealing the PRACTICAL secrets of lighting a green screen with small hot shoe flashes. This book is written for the person who has limited space and budget. Now every strobist, hobbyist, and commercial photographer can learn how to effectively light the green screen and thereby reduce time in post-production.

The techniques worked out in this short booklet also apply to studio lights. Using a Green Screen will help you create far more unique images than can be routinely captured in the studio or on location. You will trade in lugging your equipment to location and storing multiple backdrops for software.

Instead you simply remove the green screen background and drop in an exciting backdrop that highlights your subject. For me, green-screening is a no-brainer advantage. Finding the techniques and resources relevant to still photography, shot in small or limited spaces, remains difficult. Sadly, I have found little or no material describing the overall workflow that begins with good lighting and ends with postproduction enhancements.

Luckily, Martin Kimeldorf has been laboring in his small home studio out fitted with hot shoe flashes and a portable green screen. We are fortunate that he has released illustrated booklets and essays on lighting and post-production techniques, some of which are free for the asking.

I am sharing with you the various post-production techniques Martin Kimeldorf uses. It is quite detailed and you could easily feel overwhelmed. I rarely use them all on any given image and mostly use about half of what are demonstrated in his booklet and essays. And if you are a commercial photographer and into batch-processing large numbers of images, then you’ll probably want to try out one to three of Kimeldfor’s techniques as you enter the magical green screen world.

Martin Kimeldorf has completed 3 inexpensive and effective products that will help you use a green screen to create unique and exciting images. The first is a Photoshop Action that will introduce you to removing simple green screen shots. This inexpensive Photoshop Action also comes bundled with other ones for converting color to retro black and white, high-pass sharpening, reducing flash shine on faces, and and exposure blend.

What a deal! The second is a short booklet devoted to lighting a green screen with small hot shoe (or larger) flashes. Lighting is critical and this inexpensive short booklet will get you up to speed easily and quickly. Look for Green Screen Magic With Hot Shoe Flashes.

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Lastly, comes the artfulness of blending your subject foreground and new background. After you remove the green background you’ll want to tune up blending of the foreground subject with the new custom background you insert. Lastly, comes the artful blending your subject foreground and the new background your insert after the shoot. Kimeldorf’s free essay on green screen workflow offers you techniques for effective post-production compositing of the background and foreground images.

The essay starts with beginning techniques related to matching color casts and removing unwanted details. And for the power-user you can delve into more esoteric techniques related to adding shadows, rim lights and the like. Now here’s the kicker, Martin is providing this document Green Screen Workflow free. please click the link for more information. Free Download PDF–>1-Green-Screen-Workflow_8-1

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