What did he care about?

What did he care about?

I can work with tea baggers

What did he care that his people starved while the Krupps and their corporate cronies
dined on the spoils of war.

This ideological purist this son of Satan planted a cross atop his Bavarian bunker
and set about rewriting history to fit his politics.

What did he care about the law, compassion, and responsibility?
He was too busy heaping hatred upon non-aryans and feeding the fears about non-christians.
He was too busy incarcerating and intimidating his scapegoats: immigrants, jews, gays, socialists, trade unionists, liberals.

(Sound familiar?)

What did he care as he plunged civilization into an unholy nightmare?

The world eventually woke up and fought back.
As blood and blood money flowed across the globe he finally drowned in his own madness.

Now his offspring re-assemble in an era of perpetual war.
In the Middle East they wave Korans in Taliban villages
In America they descend from a Trojan-horse-teapot.

This image is dedicated to the messiah of madness to the original talibanning-tea-bagger: Adolf Hitler.